Updated: Jul 2, 2020

We need you. Apart from regular membership, we are in the process of filling the positions listed below. If interested when signing up please be sure to include what position, your experience in the related field(s), and how many/what hours you are available. In areas without current membership/leadership, those first enlisted (with interest) will be first considered for leadership. If you’re an active member of the US armed forces or a military vet (regardless of discharge status), please include your rank and position.

ALL positions currently available are volunteer based. However future compensation may be available depending on personal organizational contributions.

*Remaining anonymous is important for the safety of our members, please use TOR and/or VPN, and provide a secure e-mail address when you complete the contact information on the home page or anytime when visiting the site.


  • Graphic Design

  • Street Artists

  • Public Relations

  • Campaign Manager

  • Videographers

  • Photographers


  • Drone Operators

  • Survival Specialists

  • Physical Training Instructors

  • Weapons Training Instructors


  • Cyber Security Personnel

  • Web Developers

  • Biotech Students/Graduates

  • Network Security Personnel


  • Gardeners

  • Sustainability Specialists

  • Green Energy Specialists

  • Environmental Specialists


  • Electricians

  • Construction Workers

  • Plumbers


  • Recruitment Officers

  • Special Events Director

  • Community Relations Director

  • Event Team

  • Fundraising Manager

  • Director of Special Initiatives

  • Planning Manager

  • Program Director

  • Compliance Director

  • Planning Manager

  • Program Director


  • Counselors

  • Membership Assistant

  • Advocacy Director

  • Housing Program Manager

  • Human Resources Officers

  • Donor Relations Manager

  • Member Services Representative

  • Internal Affaires


  • Intelligence Agents

  • Political Figures

  • Political Science Students/Graduates


  • Branch Leaders

  • Head of Education

  • Head of Marketing

  • Head of Security

  • Head of Finance

  • Head of Technology

  • Head of Information Distribution

  • Head of Intelligence

  • Keeper of Community

  • Volunteer Manager

If you think you feel we have missed an essential category please let us know through the contact form.

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